Mayumi Enoki is born in Hiroshima and lives and works in Okayama City, Japan.
A way of stacked or layered paper forms the starting point of Enoki’s work, creating images of a residue which are hand-printed on Japanese paper or Chinese paper and then mostly worked into with pencil, watercolour and Japanese Sumi-ink and oii. 
The idea of our stacked everyday life and its piled the sense of impermanence as our nature leads to Enoki’s pieces. Also, She realizes that stacking or layering paper has spaces between every sheet of paper, which takes on a broader meaning as a gap, in-between. It produces various relationships and has remained as a particle of the universe. 
All things have both a front and a back, and switching shifts and overturn, and visible and invisible, and positive and negative. Life and death always exist right beside us. 
We always live in-between of the world, therefore, which remind us as its phenomenal feelings of the transience of life and the sense of wistfulness. The world consists of residues between stacks.
Enoki has focused on gravity as a visual vocabulary in her latest artworks. "We live in two worlds: reality and virtual on the earth. I think physics rules and its image are the starting point of our creativity."  Enoki says "When I make Monotype-printmaking onto a paper by my hands, pushing towards the ground equals the ground pushing back to me. It works action-reaction law. When I paint with oil on paper, fluid oil flowed to showing velocity and acceleration. It works with gravity rather than against it. All artists use these physics for making their art that the rendering entirely leads to a lot of variety of their original art methods."

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The Latest Exhibition:
Mayumi Enoki: An exhibition of contemporary ink painting, printing and installation, Studio Sienko Gallery, London, UK(2019)
Mayumi Enoki: As for g, and,  showcase Koutoubashi 2018, Arai Associates, Tokyo, Japan (2018)
London Summer Intensive Showcase, Camden Arts Center, London, UK (2017)
Mayumi Enoki - When We Turn the Corner, Arai Associates, Tokyo, Japan (2015)
Tenpula Selection vol.57 Mayumi Enoki - In Between, Tenjinyama Plaza, Okayama, Japan (2014)
Art Court Frontier #11, Art Court Gallery, Osaka, Japan (2013)
Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition, Musée Hamaguchi Yozo : Yamasa Collection, Tokyo, Japan (2009)
Artist Talk:
“ Visiting Artist Talk Series: Mayumi Enoki ” , Taipei National University of the Arts, School of Fine Arts, Taipe, Taiwan (2016)
Participated London Summer Intensive 2017, Slade School of Fine Art・Camden Arts Center, London, UK (2017)
MA(RCA) in printmaking from Royal College of Art (1990)
BE in Art and Craft from Okayama University (1983)​​​​​​​

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